Get Yours To Go (605) 342-4640
2315 Mt. Rushmore Rd.
Rapid City, SD 57701
Hours: 7am - 7pm 7 Days a Week

About Us

Hospitality is one of those tangible intangibles—a curious way to put it, but it’s there once you push open the door and enter the Colonial House Restaurant and Bar. You’re coming home, putting the brakes on and resting those barking dogs as you take in the eclectic décor steeped in nostalgia including the vintage and slightly weird collection of a forty-year history starting with matriarch Grandma Sandy as the head interior decorator.

It was the wet hot summer of 1981 when Bill and Sandy Beshara became the proud parents of this restaurant, now a magnet for locals and a place travelers like to land. With their son Kevin at the helm, Midwest American cuisine with an inventive flair was born and continues to evolve ensuring a robust menu honed under his “sharpest knife in the kitchen drawer” precision. His talented team of guys and gals in aprons continue to update and deliver fresh, seasonal fare using high quality ingredients in comfort foods like Chicken Fried Steak and BBQ Pork Ribs along with more contemporary dishes including the Hummus Platter, Ocean Salmon, and Buffalo Flat Iron Steak.

For breakfast you will find everything from the basic bacon and egg plater to the fancier Villa Frittata and the Jack Rabbit Scrambler. Our irresistible Caramel Rolls are available everyday—until they sell out.

Bread is not an afterthought of baskets filled with doughy white uninspired dinner rolls. Instead, our certified pastry chef, Jeff Slather and his baking crew create hand baked bread to be served along with our delicious entrees. The bread selections vary from a classic sour-dough to more unique combinations like rosemary and sea-salt, and cheddar with jalapeños.

Looking for a special treat? Join us on the last Friday of every month and experience Tableside Flambé, prepared by Chef Jeff himself.

This pastry whiz has won rave reviews for his mouth-watering desserts and pastries, made from scratch every morning, so cookie lovers can get their fix with his classic chocolate chip and frosted sugar cookies or opt for one of the more whimsical selections like salted oatmeal, mudslide, and craisin pecan.

For those who love pastries and cake, take home a slice of Oregon Berry Pie, a pound of Peanut Butter Crunch Bar or a serving of Apple Crostata with an exquisitely flakey crust.

Many of our customers find that it’s always more fun to eat in the bar than drink in the restaurant which is where you’ll find the CH motley crew of regulars as well as travelers. Grab a signature drink with friends, munch on a delectable fish taco, hang out and watch the wild world of sports, or quaff local beer until you’re brave enough to canon ball into Rapid Creek.

At the Colonial House Restaurant and Bar we Cook with Fire, then pass that spirit onto our guests. This is an idea we like to live and work by that reminds us daily to elevate what we do for our guests.

You can find us knocking back hard liquor and local beer in the heart of the 605 in Rapid City, nestled at the foot of the Black Hills, directly located on 2315 Mount Rushmore Road.

Come join Sandy and Bill Beshara’s expanded family including Kevin’s wife Vicky along with several of the grandchildren.  They feel an immense amount of gratitude for the hardworking and friendly staff. Many of these people have worked alongside the family for a long time—up to twenty and thirty years— something quite rare in the service industry. These employees have supported this restaurant with their invaluable skills and work ethic—from the diligent cooks to the attentive wait staff, and never forgetting the industrious dishwashers who pride themselves in getting the dishes and cutlery squeaky clean.